Sindelfingen Learning Commons promotes Favourite Book Character Day

The Sindelfingen Learning Commons is promoting Favourite Book Character Day which will take place on Thursday, October 25th, the last day of Spirit Week. To get the students thinking about book characters we have made an interactive bulletin board, Find a Character where students can post their responses to prompts that get them thinking about possible book characters they could choose. During learning commons classes grades 1 – 5 students are engaged in activities to get them thinking about possible book characters they can choose.

Preparing for the EE

On the February 28th February and 7th March grade 11 as part of their Extended Essay preparation attended a workshop hosted by the Württembergische State Library. The workshop is aimed specifically at students studying for the Abitur/IB.

With 3.8 million holdings the Wuertemberg State Library houses one of the largest collections in the state after the University Libraries of Freiburg, Heidelberg and Tuebingen.

As well an introduction to the services offered the students were given useful tips on how to pepare themselves for online searching, shown how to search the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for both print and digital information and how to access the huge database collection.

Many thanks to the Landesbibliothek Stuttgart who kindly offered the workshop in English language for the first time.

Our donated books made it to Uganda!

A message from our contact at heart4children:

Now, after return in Germany I will say very special thanks for the books who we become from you Mark, and also very special thanks for showing our Library in Osia.

I promised to make a Kontakt between these two Libraries in Germany and Uganda.

So Mark, Julia is the Person who makes the new Library with your Books in the School at heart4children. I hope it is useful that you have Kontakt because we are so happy that you donate the books for these Projekt. Think the children will love that.

I also have a new Picture, that I took at the Library two weeks ago.WP_20180202_10_40_45_Pro

Please have good and blessed Kontakt.


Jürgen Schwarz

Read in the Dark Day

The Lower School students participated in Read in the Dark day. They came suitably attired in their pyjamas (it makes reading more comfortable) and built forts with tables, chairs and blankets. Once these were made the blinds came down and the lights were turned off and Operation: Read in the Dark began!