Preparing for the EE

On the February 28th February and 7th March grade 11 as part of their Extended Essay preparation attended a workshop hosted by the Württembergische State Library. The workshop is aimed specifically at students studying for the Abitur/IB.

With 3.8 million holdings the Wuertemberg State Library houses one of the largest collections in the state after the University Libraries of Freiburg, Heidelberg and Tuebingen.

As well an introduction to the services offered the students were given useful tips on how to pepare themselves for online searching, shown how to search the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for both print and digital information and how to access the huge database collection.

Many thanks to the Landesbibliothek Stuttgart who kindly offered the workshop in English language for the first time.

Donations wanted!

The ISS Learning Commons team have over the last few years been contributing to the library collection of a children’s home/school in Uganda organised by a charity called Heart for Children.  They provide a home and schooling for orphans from all over Africa.  We have donated many of our unwanted library books and the charity has gratefully accepted.

They will be shipping a container at the end of April 2017 and have asked if we have any donations to make.  If you have any unwanted Children’s books please bring them to the Upper, Lower or SIFI School Library from now until before the Easter break.

The books should be in relatively good condition.  We CANNOT accept Textbooks or Adult books.

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Maybe you would even like to buy a new book at the book fair and donate this!

For more information about the charity Heart for Children please view the following website.

Visiting Author Terry McDonagh

For this year’s Book Week the Upper School ISS Learning Commons staff had a real treat in store. Whilst the Lower School hosted author Paul Robson and Susanne Kessler, the Upper School hosted Irish poet, playwright and children’s novelist Terry McDonagh for the second time in the school’s history.

Terry first visited ISS approximately 12 years ago. Since then his writing has become even more prolific and has been rewarded with great success. Only recently his latest anthology of poetry Lady Cassie Peregrina was launched in Ireland to a great reaction.

ISS was eager to host Terry not only because of his literary versatility but also because of what his life experiences can bring to a school like ours. A native of County Mayo in the West of Ireland Terry lives in Hamburg, and as well as English speaks fluent German and according to him, rusty Irish. He is a qualified teacher and has taught in International Schools including the International school of Hamburg where his son attends. Terry’s work has been translated into both German and Indonesian and he works regularly with schools both in Germany and Ireland. So, he is very much an international person.

Terry conducted creative writing workshops with grades 6 to 10 during their scheduled English classes with other subject teachers releasing their students in order that double periods could take place encouraging an unhurried hub of creative activity. The workshops were all held in the Upper School Library.


Terry, not only read samples of his poetry, but enticed the students to produce work of their own and read them out loud. Both the teachers and Terry were very impressed with the quality of work that students produced.

Anthologies of Terry’s poetry can be borrowed from ISS libraries or see Mr. Lawrence in the Upper School Library if you are interested in having your own personal signed copy. For more information about Terry do please visit his website. 

Degerloch Book Week Assembly

Students in the Degerloch Lower School had a fun time at our closing Book Week assembly. With special guests such as Pig and Elephant, and our amazing guest author Mark Robson, the laughs didn’t stop. All the students also came dressed as their favorite characters so even the audience was diverse and entertaining.

A big thank you to Ms. Lydia for organizing such a wonderful week, as well as to our other librarians Mr. Lawrence, Mrs. Daniel, and Mr. Rose who engaged students across the entire school in celebrating their love of reading.

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The Hour of Code is coming!

It is time again for the Hour of Code! The Learning Commons Team will be running hour long sessions from December 5th (Monday) to December 9th (Friday) for grades EY to 5 and there will be some session in G6 and 7 Design classes. The Hour of Code provides students with the opportunity to learn basic block programming (coding is basically creating a step by step guide for getting a computer to complete a task). The students use age-appropriate apps to go through levels which get progressively more difficult and which continually builds on the skills they are learning along the way.

The students will be using lots of thinking skills during the hour, specifically – sequencing, patterning, patience and attention to detail. There is lots of information on the Hour of Code website where you can watch tutorials and listen to influential people talk about the benefits of teaching children to code.

Try the following apps yourself or use the self-guided tutorials.

  • Scratch Jr. or Daisy the Dinosaur
  • Beebots (good for pre-readers)
  • Kodable
  • Hopscotch


Parent Forum: Our LC Resources

All Degerloch Lower School parents are invited to attend our Thursday Parent Forum on November 17th at 8:30 in the LS Library. Ms. Rickard and Mrs. Junginger will be sharing with you the digital tools and resources that we have available to support your child’s learning.

  • The Reading Cloud- our new library information system and more!
  • Britannica School and BrainPop- our online reference suite
  • Kid-friendly search engines
  • Linguascope and RAZ Kids

We are also available to answer any questions you may have regarding digital learning (ex. with the iPads) and Learning Commons resources in general

Following the session, Mr. Krusch and Mrs. Junginger will run a second session for Grade 5 parents about our Bring Your Own Laptop program in the Upper School. We will share the guidelines, the requirements, and examples of the type of learning students will be doing beginning in Grade 6. Plan to stay until 10:15 if you are attending both sessions, and 9:30 for the Learning Commons session only


MUN Day 2016

Congratulations to the MUN Team for organizing a great MUNDay on Monday!

Lots of great research and debate, and a few awards:

  • Best Delegate: Albert Kim (gr7 South Korea) and Paul Henry Feinauer-Geoghegan (gr9 Netherlands)
  • Best Dressed: Brandon Morrow (gr6) and Ivan Hernandez (gr9)
  • Most Resilient: Giorgia Pellegrini (gr8 India) and
  • Calvin Johnson (gr10 Canada)
  • Best Public Speaker: Anna Mott (gr8 Philippines) and
  • Khushi Niranjan (gr9 South Korea)
  • Best Teamwork: Brazil (Albert Zerbst gr6, Sundaramoorthy Balasubramanian gr6, Anusha Ananda gr6, Frey Faulhaber gr7, Ruby Brokelman gr7, Maya Baumann gr8, Sammi Lam gr8, Viola Parlanti gr8) and
  • South Korea (Georg Bartels gr9, Ivan Hernandez gr9, Julien Sauter gr9-Sifi, Khushi Niranjan gr9, Paul Panitz gr9, Sophia Lehmann gr9, Vasilios Regkas gr9)

If you are logged in to your isswiki account, you can watch the video made by the Press Team: