Parent Forum: Our LC Resources

All Degerloch Lower School parents are invited to attend our Thursday Parent Forum on November 17th at 8:30 in the LS Library. Ms. Rickard and Mrs. Junginger will be sharing with you the digital tools and resources that we have available to support your child’s learning.

  • The Reading Cloud- our new library information system and more!
  • Britannica School and BrainPop- our online reference suite
  • Kid-friendly search engines
  • Linguascope and RAZ Kids

We are also available to answer any questions you may have regarding digital learning (ex. with the iPads) and Learning Commons resources in general

Following the session, Mr. Krusch and Mrs. Junginger will run a second session for Grade 5 parents about our Bring Your Own Laptop program in the Upper School. We will share the guidelines, the requirements, and examples of the type of learning students will be doing beginning in Grade 6. Plan to stay until 10:15 if you are attending both sessions, and 9:30 for the Learning Commons session only


MUN Day 2016

Congratulations to the MUN Team for organizing a great MUNDay on Monday!

Lots of great research and debate, and a few awards:

  • Best Delegate: Albert Kim (gr7 South Korea) and Paul Henry Feinauer-Geoghegan (gr9 Netherlands)
  • Best Dressed: Brandon Morrow (gr6) and Ivan Hernandez (gr9)
  • Most Resilient: Giorgia Pellegrini (gr8 India) and
  • Calvin Johnson (gr10 Canada)
  • Best Public Speaker: Anna Mott (gr8 Philippines) and
  • Khushi Niranjan (gr9 South Korea)
  • Best Teamwork: Brazil (Albert Zerbst gr6, Sundaramoorthy Balasubramanian gr6, Anusha Ananda gr6, Frey Faulhaber gr7, Ruby Brokelman gr7, Maya Baumann gr8, Sammi Lam gr8, Viola Parlanti gr8) and
  • South Korea (Georg Bartels gr9, Ivan Hernandez gr9, Julien Sauter gr9-Sifi, Khushi Niranjan gr9, Paul Panitz gr9, Sophia Lehmann gr9, Vasilios Regkas gr9)

If you are logged in to your isswiki account, you can watch the video made by the Press Team:

Grade 5 Exhibition

The 12th annual grade 5 Exhibition has come and gone, and what an amazing event it was! The students were prepared, enthusiastic and engaged. After an opening ceremony in the Aula, students were divided into different classrooms where they presented their projects in small groups. After this everyone was free to wander through the entire Exhibition to enjoy the different displays and to ask questions. Well done grade 5!

dark-green-round-button-1 See some of their products here.

Grade 5 learns about time zones

From Ms. Sleeth:

5b is currently investigating time zones. Nine different people were organized to Skype in  from all over the world on Monday.  This included Miss Betty, but also Miss Natalie in Malaysia, as well as Ms. Sleeth’s mum in Australia and Ms. Dodge’s mum in the USA.  We even had a call from an ex-student, Manaka in Japan!  We then used post-it notes to map the different times on the map in our classroom. The next step is for the students to decide how they think time zones work…



Time Zone Observations

Math Quest 2016

This year, several of our grade 5 students from Degerloch and Sindelfingen joined Math Quest in Barcelona. It was an exciting few days for our students and teachers!


Find out more from this report by Saahil, Nathan, Jun and Rylan

We were very lucky because we had been chosen to go to Barcelona to do math and represent our school. It was a great experience and we would like to tell you all about it in this report….


We had to wake up very early, around 4 o’clock. We had a flight to catch at 6:30am. We met at the airport, and Jun gave us quite a scare when he nearly didn’t show up on time! Thankfully he showed up and we were able to board the plane with the ISS Sindelfingen team. On the plane ride we played video games, even though we should have been sleeping. When we arrived at Barcelona we had a quick breakfast, then we tried to figure out the train system. Unfortunately, we ended up going out of town and we were all MAD at the teachers. Then we took the train to downtown and we ate at a Tapas bar, which was really yummy. Then we went back to the airport and we took a bus from there to the Europa International School where they gave us our starting kits and told us some information about Maths Quest. At the end of the day our host families picked us up. They were really nice to us.

The Degerloch and Sindelfingen teams travelled together to Barcelona!
Saahil, Jun, Nathan and Rylan arrive in Barcelona

After waking up and having breakfast we came to the school where they told us all about the Math Trail. Our teachers weren’t allowed to be with us during the trail, because they might give us the answers. The people chaperoning us were from The American school of Barcelona. The Math Trail was held in the Pueble Espanol. It was hard but it was fun and the village was very beautiful. After that we got to buy things from shops, Mr Whitaker treated us all to an ice-cream and then we returned back to the school for the host families to pick us up.Team Degerloch tackle some of the Maths Trail questions


Friday was the main day of competition. We went back to the school where we headed to the theatre for a quick gathering, then we went to the library for the start of the individual challenges. There was a 30 minute break, then we had the team challenges where we did very well. Then we had lunch which was noodle soup, meat and tomato sauce. When we finished, we could PLAY.

In the afternoon we had practical challenges where we did not do so well. Next, we had a break before the investigation challenge. And then all the challenges were finished!

The school organised a party for us and we ate Pizza and played until the host families picked us up. It was 8 o’clock.

Individual Maths Challenges
On the final morning we had to wake up early because the flights was going to take us back to Stuttgart. We went to the airport by bus and we had a little bit of time for shopping.

Overall we thought Maths Quest was fantastic. The winning team was Oslo International School! Again. We finished in 11th place, but we had tried our best and were very proud of our score. We had a lot of fun and it was a great experience to go to Barcelona. We had luck to go sight-seeing and to go to parks as well as visiting the school of Barcelona.