Noodletools for Teachers

You can create or sign in to your Noodltools account by going through the Google Apps on your Google Drive ‘waffle’. Find the Noodletools app and either create a new account or just click to go to your established account. It is all connected to your login.

What can you do with Noodletools:

  • Set up research projects for your classes
  • Monitor students as the go through the research process
  • Give feedback to students along the way
  • Create your own annotated bibliographies to collect class resources

Watch the tutorials below  if you need further support, or contact anyone from the Learning Commons team – we are happy to help!(note: Noodletools update in August 2016, so it will look different)

(Note: Noodletools updated in August 2016, so the interface will look different. Tutorials are not yet updated.)

Official Noodletools Helpdesk: 

Create Dropbox for Assignment

 View Shared Project Status

 View Shared Project Citations, Notecards, and Outline

 Provide Feedback


Additional features:

Create a project template to share with your class.