MYP Personal Project

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Introduction to the Personal Project

The personal project is the result of a self-directed inquiry within a global context, demonstrating the ATL skills, attitudes, and knowledge acquired in the MYP as well as responsible action through, or as a result of learning.

Inquiry activities include

  • deciding what you want to  know, what you already know and what you will need to know to complete the project

  • creating specifications/criteria for the project, planning time and materials and recording developments of the project

  • making decisions, developing understandings, solving problems

  • communicating with your supervisor and others,

  • creating a product/outcome

  • evaluating the product/outcome

  • reflecting on the project and learning process

Action as part of the learning process involves

  • the individual choices you make in the learning process

  • developing an area of personal interest beyond the subjects

  • sharing your understanding with your peers, teachers and family

  • changing your behaviour in response to learning and recognizing you are able to make a difference

DocumentsCriteria and Objectives

Approaches to learning

You project should reflect your development of ATL skills such as collaboration, organization, critical thinking, creative thinking, information literacy, media literacy, transfer and reflection.

The personal should be based around a topic that motivates and interests you and it should contribute to your development as independent, lifelong learner as reflected in the IB learner profile.

The outcome or product of a personal project will vary depending on the nature of the goal of the project and the chosen global context. Your final product or outcome can be for example:

  • an original work of art (painting, sculpture, short story, novel, script for a film or play)

  • a model,

  • a business plan,

  • a campaign,

  • a blueprint or architectural drawing,

  • an essay (literary, scientific, etc.)

  • a course of study,

  • a debate,

  • a film or video, etc

You are expected to:

  • document the process in the Process Journal

  • select a topic of personal interest

  • focus the personal project through ONE global context

  • structure the personal project report according to the information provided in the guide

  • respect word or time limits for the report

  • fulfil ethical and academic honesty requirements

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