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Reporting the project

A report is a spoken or written account of something observed, heard, done or investigated and it should demonstrate your engagement with your personal project by summarizing the experiences and skills recorded in the process journal. The report should follow the structure of the project objectives: investigating, planning, taking action, and reflecting. It must also include evidence for all the strands of all criteria.

The ability to communicate clearly and concisely is essential to demonstrate the elements of the report and reach the highest levels of the criteria. The format of the MYP personal project report is a written report 1,500 – 3,500 words in the format of an academic report. The report does not replace the product/outcome of the personal project. If the product/outcome of a personal project is in written form, such as an essay or novel, this is considered as distinct from the project report.

Structure of the Personal Project report

The report must include:

  • title page;
  • table of contents;
  • body of the report;
  • bibliography or reference list;
  • appendices.

The title page must include the following.

  • Student name
  • Title of the project
  • Length (word count)
  • School name
  • Year

The body of the report is structured around the objectives and assessment criteria and it must include these sections.

  • The goal, demonstrating prior learning and research skills (Criterion A)
  • Selection of sources and application of information (Criterion A)
  • Planning (Criterion B)
  • Developing criteria/specifications for the product/outcome (Criterion B)
  • Creating a product/outcome (Criterion C)
  • Reflection including the evaluation of the product/outcome (Criterion D)